Iverson Snowshoe Facts


  • Our wood snowshoes provide nearly twice the flotation of metal shoes of the same weight.
  • Our open lacing doesn’t accumulate snow or ice like the solid decks of the metal shoes.
  • Iverson wood snowshoes provide superior traction with no “sled” effect. Metal snowshoes & ice are not good friends.
  • Wood frames are rugged and flexible, plus they don’t freeze or become brittle.
  • Quality–we regularly hear from customers who have been happily using our shoes for decades.  We also re-lace shoes that have been used hard for many years.
  • You’ll wear out before they do, then it’s time to pass them down to the next generation.  As we say, when you buy from Iverson you are getting both a tool and an heirloom.
  • Iverson snowshoes are beautiful to display when not being used.
  • We make our snowshoes in the USA–please support American workers.
  • Our wood snowshoes are very quiet, and are used by many top outfitters and outdoor enthusiasts for this reason alone.