10X32 Racer – Neoprene


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This style will hold up to 160 pounds.  Ideal for those who like deep snow! Great maneuverability.

2 thoughts on “10X32 Racer – Neoprene

  1. Do you have in stove the 10 x32 neoprene snow 160 lb capacity will be in area 11/2/2020 and would be interest in bindings also thank you , also a pair 10×36 neoprene racer plus bindings

    1. We have a 10X32 in process and could hold them for your if you are planning to be in the area. The dimensions on the Racer are 9X32 but we have a 10X36 Green Mountain. Both of those are also currently out of stock but in process and we could hold whichever pair you prefer for pickup when you get there.

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