10 thoughts on “10X36 Green Mountain – Neoprene

    1. The neoprene we use is a fiber reinforced synthetic rubber. The material is maintenance free and quite strong. Rawhide is more traditional and looks much nicer but both materials perform well.

  1. I am 175 pounds. Would you recommend the 9×36 Green Mountain or go to the 10×36 size. I am a recreational snowshoer in the northern LP so occasionally get into some deep snow. Thanks.

    1. I would recommend the 10X36. The extra size will not be very noticeable but the extra flotation will come in handy particularly when you hit deep fresh snow.

  2. David Parrello, I am a 5’8″ man of 160 lbs. I want a pair of snow shoes to travel my Mid Michigan woods. Never been on snow shoes. What would you recommend for me? Are the bindings sold Separately?

    1. There are quite a few options for someone of your size. The 10X36 Green Mountain is our most popular recreational snowshoe and good both on the trail and off. The 10X40 Cross Country might do a little better off-trail but either of those would be a good choice. The bindings are sold separately since everyone has their own preference. At AA is our most popular model.

  3. How much does a pair of the neoprene 10×36 Green Mountains weigh? Is there a significant weight difference between the neoprene and rawhide webbing?

    1. The neoprene 10X36 comes in at about 5 lbs without bindings and the rawhide model comes in at about 6.5 lbs. The bindings are about a half a pound total.

  4. Saw a video of u and your shoes. Want. A pair for my daughter who lives in northern Wisconsin,
    She is about 150 or less, what can ya recommend, .?

    1. The 9X30 Green Mountain is rated to 175 and the Advantage is rated to 160. Both would be a great choice with the Green Mountain being a slightly better choice for trail and recreational use and the Advantage being a slightly better choice for off-trail use and longer walks. If you have any follow on questions please email us at orders@iversonssnowshoes.com. Note that we are currently out of all of our neoprene models.

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