2 thoughts on “10X36 Green Mountain – Rawhide

  1. Greetings. I am interested in a Green Mountain style of snowshoes. I weigh between 205 – 215 at any given time. Do you believe the 10 x 36 would be sufficient or would you move up to the 12 x 44? Cheers, Dan

    1. Dan,

      The 10X36 should work well for you depending on the snow conditions you generally encounter. Aside from frame dimensions and design of the snowshoe, the biggest factors that impact flotation are depth and density of the snow you are traveling in. Snow settles a few days after it falls but within a few days of significant snow events it is often very “fluffy” on the ground. If you are in 2 feet of fluffy snow you will sink a bit in the 10X36 but in settled snow, on trails, or if you don’t generally see large events of deep snow accumulation the 10X36 should support you well. As an example, I am about 230 lbs and we get 250-350 inches of snow per year, often coming in storms that deliver 12-30 inches at a time. I use a pair of 10X36 for general use and find them to work well for me most of the time. If I am going on a long walk in the back-country after a significant snow event I will use a pair of 12X46 Michigans to break trail but otherwise the 10X36 suits my needs quite well.

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