10X56 Alaskan – Neoprene


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Used by Artic Adventurers for their Northern Alaskan Wilderness Expedition. This shoe is ideal for hiking long distances in deep powder and drifted snow. Great for opening trails and snow drifted country.

2 thoughts on “10X56 Alaskan – Neoprene

  1. Greetings!

    I have what is likely a silly question, but I must…..

    As i am looking at the 10×56 Alaskan Neoprene or the 10×46 Cross-Country Neoprene, i do not see bindings attached?

    Do bindings have to be purchased separately? If so, why do the aforementioned models have “Neoprene” in their description?

    In advance, thank you

    1. Everyone has their own preference for binding types so the snowshoes and bindings are sold separately. We offer snowshoes woven in either rawhide or neoprene. The weaving material is reflected in the description. Bindings are available in either neoprene or leather. If you have any additional questions, let us know or drop us a line at orders@iversonssnowshoes.com

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