10X72 Tundra – Rawhide


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Works great for deep powdered snow, trail breaking, and open country. Holds 300 plus pounds.  (Note:  Product image shows neoprene lacing option)

2 thoughts on “10X72 Tundra – Rawhide

  1. What would you suggest, the 10×72 rawhide or 10×72 neoprene? Which would be lighter? What is th ebest binder you have for these big shoes? I would like a binder that holds the shoe straight.

    1. The neoprene models are a bit lighter than rawhide. Personal preference on bindings varies quite a bit and all of our models hold well with minimal side to side rotation. I find that the H binding provides the most solid connection to the snowshoe and is highly adjustable to get the position and hold that you want. The AA and EZ also hold very well and are a bit easier to get on and off but have just a hair more lateral movement than the H style.

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