11X56 Ojibwa – Neoprene


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Used by Artic Adventurers for their Northern Alaskan Wilderness Expedition. This shoe is ideal for hiking long distances in deep powder and drifted snow. Great for opening trails and snow drifted country.

4 thoughts on “11X56 Ojibwa – Neoprene

    1. There is some variability on the order of plus or minus an inch or less. The front of the toe on the Ojibwa is approximately 8 inches up and the Alaskan is approximately 7 inches up.

  1. In my opinion, if you cannot walk with Ojibwa design snowshoes…, don’t leave the house until the 4th of July !

    1. best design for heavy forested areas and they walk perfectly. If your waiting for the 4th of July then you can’t be a snow person

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