12X35 Modified Bear Paw – Neoprene


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This style will hold up to 175 pounds. For those who like deep snow. This popular style combines maneuverability with superb tracking.

5 thoughts on “12X35 Modified Bear Paw – Neoprene

  1. I have a pair of modified bear paw snowshoes that I purchased 35 years ago and now the neoprene toe strapping has worn through. So I am looking for 2 – 9/16 X 25 inch straps with buckles on them to replace the old ones. Might you have these?

  2. I have had several pair of Iverson snowshoes for years. The quality is great and the wood snowshoes are much more enjoyable to walk on than the modern metal stuff. I have the metal ones also but only use them on hard packed snow. About 40 years ago I sent a pair of WW2 snowshoes to Iverson for restringing with Neoprene. They have held up great and I’ve used those shoes a lot.

  3. Hi,
    I am being given a pair of 12×35 modified bearpaw snowshoes. I am a 5’4″ woman who weighs 145-150 without winter gear. Would these snowshoes be too wide for someone of my size?

    Thank you!

    1. The modified bearpaw is a bit wide for someone of your height but would be workable. One trick to walking in a shoe this style is to stager the shoes as you walk. That is use a stride long enough to offset the widest part of the snowshoe against the tail of then alternate shoe. If you try to walk with the widest parts consistently side by side then the width of the stride gets tiring. It can take a little practice but after a relatively short distance the walking will become natural and the fit of the snowshoes against each other will work well.

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