4 thoughts on “12X46 Michigan – Neoprene

  1. I,M a new comer to snow shoeing and would like your input. I AM 65 YEARS OLD AND 250 PLUS POUNDS IN WEIGHT. I would probably be on trails in state parks and open fields, some wooded areas too. What advise on the best snow shoe and bindings. I like several of your snow shoes. Miles

  2. Hi.
    I am 70, 190 lbs, and new to snow shoeing. I will be doing hiking and cross country on trails with some inclines in MI state parks. I guess I’m looking for a recreational shoe that is maneuverable and easy to use. Please recommend a binding too.

    1. The 12X46 Michigan is a good all-around snowshoe but it sounds like it might be a bit overkill for your purposes. The 10X36 Green Mountain is rated to 220lbs and is our most popular recreational snowshoe. The rounded heal of the Green Mountain makes it a little more maneuverable than other options with a tapered tail. The A binding is a good choice for boots under size 10 and the AA is a good choice for boots size 10 and over.

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