2 thoughts on “12X46 Michigan – Rawhide

  1. What is the best style for heavy weight. I am a big guy 280 plus want to carry a heavier pack. Live in the U.P.


    1. The 12X60 Alaskan, 12X60 Ojibwa, and the 12X44 Green Mountain are each rated at 300 lbs. Weight ratings are based on flotation rather than capacity of the frame. As long as the snowshoe is not bridged between two high points, the frame will be fine but the shoe will sink a little deeper with more weight. Between the three options the Green Mountain is the most turnable but not the smoothest for stride, the Alaskan is the least turnable but smooth stride and great for longer trips, the Ojibwa would be good in between with reasonable turnability and smooth stride.

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