12X60 Custom Alaskan – Rawhide


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Just like the 10X56 style the 12X60 Custom has been used for arctic adventures. Also great for the deep powdered snow, and snow drifted country. Holds up to 300 pounds.


6 thoughts on “12X60 Custom Alaskan – Rawhide

  1. I own a pair of 1980 (40 years young) Iverson Cross County style rawhide snowshoes that measures 10” X 56”. They have been wonderful for use around our lake cabin that has deep snow & rolling land. I snapped one of the raw hides that supports the gap in front of the toe area. Do you sell repair kits & knowledge of how to repair without replacing the entire rawhide piece? I should coat the snowshoes with a finish. What do you recommend? Still original finish to!

    1. Rawhide shoes should be refinished periodically with spar varnish or urethane. We relace full shoes and sections of shoes. For example you can just get the center portion or just the heal and toe done if that is where the damage is isolated and the rest is in good condition. We don’t sell rawhide lacing material but there are a number of places online where it can be purchased. Repairs can be tricky to get to last a while so we find a relace is best in the long run. If you email us at orders@iversonssnowshoes.com we can get you a price estimate for a relace job.

    1. Bindings are sold separately with all of our snowshoes except for the Snowmate youth model. Bindings are generally universal so ours can be used with other snowshoes and others can be used with ours based on the users preference.

    1. We can ship those for our standard flat fee of $30 for the snowshoes and $9 for bindings (both per pair)

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