13X35 Modified Bear Paw – Neoprene


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Just like the 12X35 this style is great for deep snow and offers the great maneuverability. This style also offers a higher weight class up to 220 pounds.

4 thoughts on “13X35 Modified Bear Paw – Neoprene

    1. Neoprene is a bit lighter and maintenance free.

      Rawhide has a more traditional look and is ‘prettier’ Rawhide is also about 25% heavier on average and requires some periodic maintenance re-coating with spar urethane or varnish.

      Both rawhide and neoprene are durable but either will eventually wear out. Neoprene is generally considered to be more durable than rawhide but if the rawhide is properly maintained and if it isn’t used in consistently wet conditions (for example, swamps with standing water under the snow or temps above freezing) then it can outlast neoprene.

  1. Do your Modified Bear Paw snowshoes have a “turned up” toe for maneuverability, were the traditional style have a flat toe?

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