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Our best recreational Snowshoe. The rounded heel on this model allows for excellent maneuverability in brushy wooded terrain. Excellent survival snowshoe for snowmobilers, cross country skiers, sled dog mushers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

8 thoughts on “9X30 Green Mountain – Neoprene

  1. Do you make smaller snowshoes for kids! I want to get a starter pair (not plastic, not metal. my 6 year old great niece on a pair of snowshoes for her birthday January 26th, 2020. She lives in Viroqua, Wisc on a farm and loves the outdoors. Her 8.5 year old brother borrows a pair from me. It is a pair you completely re-laced with new neoprene about 3 years ago.
    I would be willing to go on your recommendation, if you could ship them directly in time for her birthday!

  2. Hello I was wondering how much weight these are rated for. I’m about 160 lbs and not sure if these would be too short for my weight. Also, do you offer any bindings that have ice cleats attached or recommend some as I didn’t see any when I looked.

    1. The 9X30 Green Mountain is rated up to 175 lbs so should work for you with a moderate load of gear. We don’t currently offer any binding options with built in ice cleats. There are a few retrofit options available online from a handful of suppliers. Most of the options we are aware of require drilling holes in the frames.

  3. I’m looking for some snowshoes for my daughter and wondering what the best choice might be. She is 5’5″ tall and weighs 135. She has been looking at the 9 x 30 Green Mountain and I was wondering if that would be a good choice. I’d also be interested in knowing which bindings would work. She’s quite active as she runs, cross-country skis, bicycles and does yoga. Thanks.

    1. The 9X30 Green Mountain sounds like a really good choice. It would work well both on trail and in the back country as there is a lot of room on the rating for flotation in her case. The Iverson A binding would be a good choice that is easy on and off. The H would be a good choice if she plans to travel long distances or imagines trying to run on trails with them but the H is considered by some to be a bit cumbersome to get on and off.

    1. Yes the Green Mountain has a slight curve on the front. All of our neoprene are in the light tan color that you linked too. We are working on updating the photos to show that.

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