9X30 Green Mountain – Rawhide


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Our best recreational Snowshoe. The rounded heel on this model allows for excellent maneuverability in brushy wooded terrain. Excellent survival snowshoe for snowmobilers, cross country skiers, sled dog mushers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

10 thoughts on “9X30 Green Mountain – Rawhide

    1. Terry,

      We sell our snowshoes and bindings separately to accomodate the individual needs of each of our customers. Bindings are generally universal so you can use ours or most any others on our snowshoes.

  1. What’s the weight limit on the 9×30 Green Mountain shoes? And do you make bear paws not modified bear paws?

    1. The 9X30 is rated to 175 lbs. Sorry we don’t carry bear paws – only the modified bear paws shown on the site.

  2. Doe you make snow shoes for children?
    Say 8-14 55#-85#
    Or is it better to start on commercial ones till teenager
    I have my Iversons since I trapped as a teenager in the late 60’s

  3. Good Snowy Morning!
    I am looking for a pair of Iversons and have narrowed them down to 10×36 or 9×30 Green Mountain, 10×40 Cross Country, and 10×32 Advantage. I’m 5’4″, 62, 150 lbs, and have been snowshoeing for 10ish years on aluminum snowshoes. It is time to upgrade! I usually snowshoe in the Keweenaw as well as occasionally on downstate trails.
    What would your recommendation be?
    Thank you!

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