9X30 Green Mountain – Rawhide


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Our best recreational Snowshoe. The rounded heel on this model allows for excellent maneuverability in brushy wooded terrain. Excellent survival snowshoe for snowmobilers, cross country skiers, sled dog mushers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

2 thoughts on “9X30 Green Mountain – Rawhide

  1. Wondering whether the 9×30 or 10×36 Green Mountain would be the best fit for a man about 170#-185#. Can you purchase these at your store? Can you try out different styles at your store?

    1. John,

      The 9X30 is rated to 175 lbs and the 10X36 is rated to 220lbs. I would recommend the 10X36 for you as you get quite a bit of extra flotation for a minimal difference in snowshoe weight and maneuverability. We don’t have any demos at the shop or a convenient place to try them out but can work with you on a try-out period if you are struggling with picking between the two.

      Happy Trails,

      Jim Baker
      Iverson Outdoors Inc.

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