Iverson AA Binding (Leather)


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This is a modified version of the Standard”A” binding with a reinforced toe buckle for a snugger toe fit.  We also added more material for a firmer grip around the foot.

This is a one size fits all and works well with boots sized 10 and above.

All our bindings and snowshoes are priced and sold as a pair.

Video of installation of the EZ leather which is the same installation as the AA leather can be found at https://youtu.be/OXVWZlblPbg

5 thoughts on “Iverson AA Binding (Leather)

  1. Hello!
    I am new to snowshoeing and have a pair of Huron style traditional snow shoes with leather bindings, which are showing some wear. I’d like to replace them. I wear a size 8.5 boot and see that your standard A binding works best with size 10 and above. Can you please recommend an appropriate binding? I don’t mind replacing with something other than leather.
    Thank you!

    1. Kelle,

      Binding preference varies by the user and any of our bindings will work well for you. Your comment mentions that you don’t mind moving away from leather. Considering that, I think our A neoprene binding would work well for what you describe. The integrated heal strap of our A model holds tight to the snowshoe and the light footbed helps getting the snowshoe on and off. If you did want to stick with leather our EZ or AA would be a good choice as well although with a size 8.5 boot, they may be a little bulky depending on the style of boot you typically wear. For example a hiking-style boot would fit best in the A binding whereas a heavy pack-style boot may fit a little better in the AA or EZ. If you have any follow-on questions please send me an email at orders@iversonssnowshoes.com and we can discuss further and could even send some additional pictures if that would help.

    1. Yes. All of our employees work in our shop in Wetmore Michigan. All of the materials and parts for our custom built products are USA sourced.

  2. It’s Dave from Oswego ny, I have 2 pairs of sherpa snow shoes and 1 has the main arch or connecting point for the bindings damaged. I am looking at replacing the bindings on both due to wear sooooo it looks like the Iverson AA ? maybe. any thoughts on this, I would like to keep the original bottom metal ‘claw’ and attach the new binding to that if possible..I also would need about 2′ x 1.5” neoprime to repair the old attachment point to the snow shoe rib..
    Let me know your thoughts, Thank you and have a great new year, Dave

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