Iverson EZ Binding (Leather)


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Designed for those who like to keep things simple.  This binding has single short straps across the top of the boot and a standard heal strap.  All with spring buckles.  An easy on and off binding that still has the Iverson quality.

All our bindings and snowshoes are priced and sold as a pair.

Video of installation of the EZ leather can be found at https://youtu.be/OXVWZlblPbg

2 thoughts on “Iverson EZ Binding (Leather)

  1. Iverson EZOFF Back Style Snowshoe Harness Introducing the new Iverson EZOFF back. This is an accessory for the Iverson “AA” and the Iverson “EZ” bindings. Enables you to pull the back heel strap off with ease, and tightening adjustments with little effort in the cold. ** Binding Not Included**

    17.00 dollars at Walmart states it does not come with a binding . does it come with what is pictured ?

    1. Ryan,

      We don’t offer the EZ OFF back style any more. We are working on updated the photo of the EZ on the website. The current EZ has a leather or neoprene (depending on the model) heal strap that is fastened with a spring buckle. We found that the elastic material wore our and did not hold very well so switched back to the spring buckle strap which still comes off pretty easily.

      Can you send me the URL for the site that you found the EZOFF reference so we can correct it.

      Jim Baker
      Iverson Outdoors Inc.

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