H Binding (Neoprene)


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The Modified H style is a little more work to put on than the A series or the EZ but provides an exceptionally stable connection between the your boot and snowshoe and viewed by many as worth the effort.

All our bindings and snowshoes are priced and sold as a pair.

3 thoughts on “H Binding (Neoprene)

  1. I came on your website to look for binding replacement parts. I purchased my snowshoes from your company via a mail-in order form that had, at most, 4 or 5 choices of snowshoes and 2 bindings (as my memory serves.) It’s a pleasure to see your products grow and from the looks, maintaining the craftsmanship. It’s been over 20 years and my snowshoes have held up extremely well. I purchased the neoprene for low maintenance. Low maintenance they are. The bindings held up great. The broken piece is strictly my own doing in a “senior” moment. I highly recommend the H bindings. Once they are adjusted, only the middle strap has to be used for “in and out”, for fast and easy use.

    1. The neoprene material that we are currently using is a light tan. Unfortunately it is not currently available in any other colors. The leather H Binding is a dark brown and works equally well on neoprene and rawhide snowshoes.

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