H Binding (Leather)


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The Modified H style is a little more work to put on than the A series or the EZ but provides an exceptionally stable connection between the your boot and snowshoe and viewed by many as worth the effort.

All our bindings and snowshoes are priced and sold as a pair.

2 thoughts on “H Binding (Leather)

  1. Jumping into traditional mukluks this year for shoeing. I’m leaning towards your H series (leather) binding for a 100 year old set of snowshoes.
    1. Would you suggest another style for this (11) mukluk – snowshoe (traditional combination).
    2. Is the toe bridge on the H series rubber or leather?
    3. Can I order brass or bronze hardware for the binding?

    1. The H binding is a good choice for mukluks. It would provide a traditional look and a good hold. The AA would work as well but the leather might stain the mukluks (low risk but some risk) and will also take away from the breathability of the mukluks.

      The toe bridge on the leather H is leather (the photo on the website is out of date).

      Unfortunately the chrome finish hardware is all we have available.

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