Stream Net Medium- 9″ Handle, Flat Bottomed Catch and Release Net


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This model includes a 9 inch handle with cherry inlay and an 9 by 15 inch hoop made of hand-bent Michigan white ash. All of our wood is locally sourced and turned into their final beautiful form right in our shop in Wetmore MI.

This version features an 8 inch flat bottomed black nylon catch and release style net which reduces stress on the fish. A vinyl ghost net and half-inch mesh traditional style nylon net are also available.

Hoop dimensions are nominal and there is some variability as this is a hand-crafted product.

We also offer birds eye maple inlay in the handles for an additional $20 charge. For birds eye please email or call us at the shop at 906-452-6370.

2 thoughts on “Stream Net Medium- 9″ Handle, Flat Bottomed Catch and Release Net

  1. I’ve had one of your nets for years and love it. Now it needs a new bag and I’m having trouble finding one that fits. My net has a 15” ID hoop with a 7” handle.
    What I’m looking for is a clear vinyl replacement bag to fit it. The ID circumference of the hoop is 38”.


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