Stream Net Small – 9″ Handle, Vinyl Ghost Net


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This model includes a 9 inch handle with cherry inlay and an 8 by 15 inch hoop made of hand-bent Michigan white ash. All of our wood is locally sourced and turned into their final beautiful form right in our shop in Wetmore MI.

This version features an 8” deep vinyl ghost net which is easy on the fish, resistant to catching hooks, and great for taking photos of fish in the water. A catch and release style net as well as a half-inch mesh traditional style nylon net are also available on the website.

Hoop dimensions are nominal and there is some variability as this is a hand-crafted product.

We also offer birds eye maple inlay in the handles for an additional $20 charge. For birds eye please email or call us at the shop at 906-452-6370.

2 thoughts on “Stream Net Small – 9″ Handle, Vinyl Ghost Net

  1. I am an old Yooper forester and trout fisherman, relocated to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado 18 years ago. I have an older Iverson trout net 10 by 16 hoop; 7 inch handle, with traditional deep cloth net bag. I’d like to convert the bag to the newer Vynil Ghost net bag. The frame is still in great shape. Can I somehow acquire just the bag from you folks, and do you have a size that would fit this frame. It appears my net is in between the sizes you are now making.

    By the way, I spent many years on your snowshoes as a forester; first for the MDNR Forestry Division 1973-1978; then with Champion International / International Paper 1978-2001, in the West and Central UP, northern Wisconsin, northern Minnesota, northern New Hampshire, northern Vermont, northern New York, and Maine. Great product; kept me afloat on the snow for all those years.

    Art Abramson
    677 Brennan Circle
    Erie, CO 50816
    (970) 485-0521

    1. Art,

      We currently get our clear vinyl nets through Jann’s Netcraft ( They offer a 16″X12″ model which might pucker or stretch but otherwise may do the trick.

      We always love to hear from folks who made their living on our snowshoes and in the woods of our back yard. Glad that they served you well while you were on the job.

      Jim Baker
      Iverson Outdoors Inc.

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