XL – H Binding (Leather)



This is an Extra Large version of our classic Modified H binding in leather.

The Modified H style is a little more work to put on than the A series or the EZ but provides an exceptionally stable connection between the your boot and snowshoe and viewed by many as worth the effort.

The version is suitable either for large shoe sizes or extra heavy boots.

All our bindings and snowshoes are priced and sold as a pair.

2 thoughts on “XL – H Binding (Leather)

    1. This depends on the style of boot. The XL would be a safe bet for any style of boot but if you typically run a light boot such as a hiking boot or a ‘muck’ style boot then the non-xl will work well. The XL works best for the military surplus ‘bunny boots’ or large sorrel style boots.

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