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Iversons Snowshoes

Cross Country (Sizes 10X40 and 10X46)

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$262.00 USD

The Cross Country has a narrow profile that makes for a comfortable stride and a maneuverable snowshoe with enough flotation to do the job in the back country.

The 10X40 models are flotation rated for 220 lbs, and the 10X46 models are flotation rated for 230lbs. Flotation ratings are based on how much the snowshoe will sink in fresh unpacked snow rather than the weight bearing capacity of the frame. 

All snowshoes are sold as a pair and without bindings. Single snowshoes are available to replace broken shoes or to use as decorations.


We are working on updating our photos but the neoprene-laced models now feature a black lacing instead of the colors shown on the website. 

The new lacing has been extensively tested on the trail with multiple models and over a 100 miles in very harsh grainy snow conditions.  It has held up very well and we believe we can get several hundred more miles out of them but we won't know for sure how long they will last until we are able to get enough miles on to wear a pair out.  If you have questions about the conditions and outcomes of our durability testing to-date, please contact us at  As testing continues we consider neoprene as most suitable for recreational applications.