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Iversons Snowshoes

Alaskan (Sizes 10X56 and 12X60)

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$302.00 USD

Note:  Rawhide-laced snowshoes are currently available in all of our models.  Neoprene-laced models are currently out of stock due to material supply issues. 

Used by Artic Adventurers for their Northern Alaskan Wilderness Expedition. This shoe is ideal for hiking long distances and features a generous toe rise making it well suited for use in deep powder and drifted snow. Great for open trails and snow drifted country.

Flotation ratings are based on how much the snowshoe will sink in fresh unpacked snow rather than the weight bearing capacity of the frame. 

All snowshoes are sold as a pair and without bindings. Single snowshoes are available to replace broken shoes or to use as decorations.