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Relacing Services

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$200.00 USD
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$200.00 USD

If you have a pair of well traveled or "new to you" snowshoes that have damaged webbing or are in need of refurbishment we also offer relacing services.

A full relace is $200 in rawhide and $160 in neoprene.

If the damage is localized we can do the center alone in rawhide for $130 or $70 in neoprene per pair or the toe and heal alone in rawhide for $125 or neoprene for $70 per pair.

There is an additional charge of $50 for removing your old lacing but that fee can be avoided by removing the lacing yourself before sending the snowshoes to us.

All relaces are dipped in our proprietary finish designed specifically to perform optimally on snowshoes.

The price for the online store is set for a full relace plus the lacing removal fee.  Contact us directly at orders@iversonssnowshoes.com to adjust pricing based on your specific needs or if you have any questions about our relacing services.